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"zap Process solves the challenge of generating event logs for SAP processes. Process Mining projects will become faster, at lower costs and thus available at ease for any company using SAP."

Prof. Dr. Nick Gehrke

zap Process automates all tasks from data extraction to generating event logs.

Data Extraction

Over many years, we have brought the mass data extraction from SAP to perfection. Our extraction method has proven to be fast and reliable in more than 1000 projects. Data is extracted using the standard RFC interface already available in any SAP system.

Modelling Processes

Processes are automatically reconstructed based on the accounting data in SAP FI. 
Accounting data is then automatically enhanced by SAP MM and SD data and brought to perfection by integrating only the relevant change documents and master data changes.


Last but not least, there is the challenge of generating meaningful event logs. Event logs of zap Process are therefore clustered in 5 main processes, each consisting of multiple sub processes. In addition they are enhanced by the text field descriptions used in the respective SAP system.

Fast - zap Process speeds up your time to project

Data extraction from SAP -
no SAP update needed!

There are a ton of tools in the market to extract mass data from SAP. However, only zapliance is capable of extracting mass data from SAP without the need to update the SAP system. Getting started with zap Process only requires an SAP user with RFC read table access. No need for endless discussions on the risks of an update to the SAP productive system.

Automation of
data modelling

Instead of manually preparing and modeling SAP data, zap Process fully automates these tasks and therefore, reduces the time to project significantly. Automation does not only saves cost but also frees up the time of your valuable data scientists to focus on more challenging tasks than the standard SAP data model.

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Full Process Scope

zap Process collects all processes and arranges them according to process categories.

zap Process starts re-engineering your processes based on the financials. In case your data scope does not include SAP MM or SAP SD or SAP AA data: zap Process still works. Your event log will then cover only those process steps available in your data. Approximately 70% of our customers analyze SAP FI only. Still in doubt?


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