Duplicate payments easily found.


zap Cash allows you to find potentially identical postings in SAP that lead or have led to a duplicate payment. It‘s as simple as it sounds – thanks to innovative Machine Learning.

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We were wondering what the analysis of duplicate payments will look like in the future. But we didn't feel like waiting. So we developed zap Cash, a software that uses Machine Learning at the push of a button. With just a few clicks, it delivers the best results – so you can start saving money today!

One software, lots of benefits.

zap Cash is starting a new era of data analysis: Experience a user interface that compares potential duplicate payments in a way that all similarities and differences can be spotted at a glance. Get results that allow you to save money directly. And enjoy a transparent pricing model without any hidden costs. Sounds good, doesn't it?


Get started now – with just a few clicks!

Here‘s how easy you can begin your journey with zap Cash: Just apply for an SAP user with the corresponding connection data – and you are ready to go. Everything else is set up automatically – from collecting the data to configuring the Machine Learning. And there‘s more: zap Cash allows you to check out the first hits right away – regardless of whether they occurred in the past or are yet to happen. Either way, the software displays all potential duplicate payments clearly laid out so that you can immediately see whether any action needs to be taken. It couldn't be simpler.

Machine Learning that never stops learning.

For even more accurate results, zap Cash‘s Machine Learning is constantly developing further. And that‘s how it works: Every user starts by rating potential duplicate payments as correct or incorrect – and the Machine Learning automatically adapts its actions to the new information. That way your Professional Judgement is directly influencing the Machine Learning algorithm. You‘ll see: It doesn't just save time, but also money!


Make your company even more successful. With

  • No installation in SAP necessary
  • Automated data extraction from SAP
  • Pairs of similar postings rated by potential
  • Identifies both potential and past duplicate payments
zap Cash to find potential duplicate paid invoices
  • 15 years of experience in one software
  • State-of-the-art Machine Learning
  • Get first results within less
    than 30 min
  • Can be used across companies

Identifies duplicate payments in

  • Payments in different currencies
  • Postings with varying vendor number
  • Payments that are processed differently
    (manual vs. automated payment run)
  • Invoices with small differences, e.g. €100,50 und €100,95
  • Paid invoices that were also posted against a receivables account
  • Invoices with and without attached orders
  • Manual payments

Reduces false positives by identifying

  • Invoices that have been paid twice but were cancelled
  • Frequent payments like rent, electricity, etc.
  • Reversal postings

A pricing model to suit your needs.

Pricing model

  • Aimed at companies that assume they‘re not affected by double payments.

  • Aimed at companies that have never checked their data for duplicate payments and that want to avoid unexpected cost.


Fixed price

Prices on request

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