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Training for digitization of your SAP audit

At our training course you will learn

  • all about zapliance’s latest audit methodology
  • how to use zap Audit optimally for your audit.

At the zap Workshop you will be able to use your own data to train up for the zap Audit.

Our training programs will enable you to get ideal results with zap Audit and to steadily improve digitization of your SAP audit.

zap Training Subscription

A zapliance Professional needs one half-day per year to explain the basics of audit digitization and to keep you updated on developments in methodology. You will learn how digitization is going to revolutionize auditing and you will be introduced to zapliance approach. You will also see examples of use of zapliance, learn how to prepare for the zap Audit and how to produce the audit report. Our professional will also explain how to use indicators. The workshop is designed to explain the basic principles in preparation for the next audit with zap Audit.

The program includes:

  • 3-4 hour training course
  • Brief survey of digitization of auditing
  • Explanation of zapliance auditing approach
  • Introduction to zap Audit, including review of selected indicators

Not included are:

  • How to refine scope of audit
  • How to prioritize indicators for an audit
  • Detailed discussion of audit procedures
  • Complete examination of your zap Audit report

Example: You have already been using zap Audit for one year and have already attended one training course. This year you want to have two new colleagues from your team trained for zap Audit as well. You call zapliance and agree a date for a meeting.

One zap Training Subscription per company is obligatory for each zap Project Subscription. You have two choices with your Training Subscription – Either use it yourself to attend an annual update review of latest developments presented by a zapliance Professional, OR you can nominate other company employees for basic training in our unique auditing techniques

Why is a zap Training Subscription necessary?

Combination of each zap Project Subscription with one zap Training Subscription is essential, to enable auditors to understand the basic principles of zap Audit and to ensure that zapliance auditing approaches are used properly. This is why we have made it obligatory.

The ideal training solution is this basic training course, plus presence at a zap Workshop. Click here for comparison.

zap Workshop

A zap Workshop gives you the opportunity to link the training to your actual audit.

In addition to completing the basic training course, you have 2 full days learning how zapliance functions from a zapliance Professional. And you can even make a start with the actual zap Audit of your SAP system – using real data.

Combination of training course and examination of 1 or 2 zap Audit reports: will yield the most efficient and effective audit!

Services included:

  • 1½ day workshop with a zapliance Professional presiding
  • Detailed presentation of zapliance auditing approach 
  • Explanation of key indicators
  • How to refine scope of audit
  • How to prioritization indicators for a planned audit
  • Joint examination of selected indicators

Not included is:

  • Complete examination of your zap Audit Report

Why go to a zap Workshop?

If you’re planning to put the techniques learned at the half-day training course to practical use in an SAP audit, we recommend attendance of the 1½-day zap Workshop. This workshop will give you practical tips on performance of the audit and explain special features like how to refine the scope of the audit and how to prioritize indicators. Can’t make up your mind? Click here for pros and contras.

Comparison of Training Courses

zap Training Subscription zap Training Subscription
+ zap Workshop

Introduction to audit digitization

zapliance Audit approach

Introduction to zap Audit

Explanation of selected indicators

Getting to know the corporate context

Refinement of scope of audit

Prioritization of indicators

Examination of selected indicators