zap Audit Service

Our Service can be the key to your success.

The zap Support Subscription is part of any zap Project Subscription.

You can use the Support Subscription Pro package to widen the scope of this support.

If you need support for a zap Audit, why not reserve the services of a zapliance professional? This is the ideal way to prepare for your next SAP audit.

zap Support Subscription

Our zapliance support team is at your disposal. It will give you email answers to your technical and specialist questions.

Services included:

  • Email Support
  • Free Updates

Not included are:

  • Telephone Support
  • Web Conference Support
  • Guaranteed reaction time

Example: You have a question on the export function in zap Audit. You should submit this to or send an email to support(at) You will receive an answer by email within one week.

zap Support Subscription Pro


A zap support contact person will be named and will get acquainted with your company. This contact will be at your disposal to answer your technical and specialist questions on zap Audit.

Services included:

  • Your personal contact at zapliance
  • Email Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Web Conferences
  • Free Updates
  • Prompt reaction to your questions
  • Top-quality technical input

Not included are:

  • Auditing and consultant services
  • Programming work

Example: You are working on a zap audit report and come up against a technical or a specialist issue. You call your contact person and agree a date for a remote servicing. Your zapliance professional contact will then be able to address the issue together with you on your screen and get the report rolling again.

zapliance Professional 

Retain a zapliance Professional to give you auditing and consultancy support during the audit. On receipt of your reservation we will contact you to agree the extent of the services required and the place of performance.

Services included:

  • zapliance Professional becomes a member of your audit team

Not included are:

  • Professional responsibility for the audit
  • Travel and incidental expenses
  • Software development

Beispiel: You are an internal auditor and are instructed to audit a subsidiary. The subsidiary uses SAP. You don’t have an IT auditor in your team or anyone with the necessary experience of SAP.