zap Audit v2

zap Audit Prozesshaus

Release Details


New Features

New layout of the popular process house

Documentation of audit findings

Tagging of indicators

New process models with compliance visualizations

Revised professional judgement


Improved and new indicators:

10 new indicators

Update for duplicate payment indicator

Less false-positives in various indicators

Several VAT indicator improvements

More description labels (required extended data extraction)


Free licenses with zap Free:

Get licenses for company codes with less than 50.000 BKPF table entries free of charge


Minor usability improvements:

Loading spinners

Auto scroller

increased session timeout to 45 minutes


Bug fixes

zap Audit process model and compliance visualization

Process models including compliance violations

We have completely revised the visualization of process models in zap Audit. Now you can see compliance violations directly in the process model and keep track of the behavior within a specified process.

Documenting audit findings

No matter if you discovered an unique or systematical finding, you can document your results at any point during your audit. We highly encourage you to use this feature in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming machine learning algorithms.

zap Audit professional judgement
zap Audit project activation

New licensing model

You spoke, we listened. In order to satisfy extensive needs in data analysis, we have renewed our licensing model. Now you have the possibility to unlock small company codes free of charge. In addition we have removed the limitation of unlocking only one fiscal year per license. If you want to know more details about the new licensing model, simply check out here:




Hint: If your BKPF table in SAP contains less than 50.000 table entries, zap Audit will be free of charge. Check this instruction to find out about the number of table entries.

What it needs in order to use all the features

  1. Extend your SAP user authorizations to include the following tables:

    T093, T093C, T093T, T001L

  2. Download the newest version:
  3. Install zapliance in a new folder or update an existing installation.
  4. Start zapliance and press Ctrl + F5 to reset your browser cache.
  5. Create a new user and login.
  6. Create a new project and repeat data processing

Any other questions?