zap Audit




The solution for auditors new to zap Audit


1x zap Project Subscription


1x zap Training Subscription


  €5.500 p.a. 

€5.000,- p.a.

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The solution for auditors planning to integrate zap Audit into their audit process


3x zap Project Subscription


1x zap Training Subscription


1x zap Workshop


 €16.500 p.a. 

€13.500,- p.a.

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For all CPA firms with a high and constant data analytics workload


15x zap Project Subscription Pro


1x zap Training Subscription


1x zap Workshop


1x Support Subscription Pro


 €95.000 p.a. 

€75.000,- p.a.

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How to choose the package that best fits your needs!

1a. How many SAP company codes do you audit annually?

The number of company codes determines the number of zap Audit Subscriptions you will need.

If you audit 3 company codes each year, you need 3 zap Project Subscriptions. These will enable you to audit 3 different company codes each year.

1b. You need to check whether you will be auditing each company code for one or several years! 

A zap Audit project analyzes the data for one fiscal year. 

  • One zap Project Subscription enables you to analyze one fiscal year of the chosen company code.
  • One zap Project Subscription Pro enables you to analyze all fiscal years of the chosen company code.

If the audit period exceeds one year, we advise you to opt for zap Project Subscription Pro.

2. How much Training is necessary?

If you opt for one or more zap Project Subscriptions, you must also take a minimum of one zap Training Subscription per company. The zap Training Subscription includes basics of zapliance, plus the audit methodology. The courses run continuously.

For immediate integration of zap Audit into your standard audit procedures we recommend presence at a zap Workshop in addition to the zap Training Subscription.

zap Workshop is the easiest and most efficient way to:

  • learn how to have your data audited quickly with the help of a zapliance Professional,
  • gain more practical experience of the latest audit methodology.

3. Optional: Do you need additional support?

zapliance offers a range of support services that will maximize the results you obtain with zap Audit.

  1. The zap Support Subscription is a component part of every zap Project Subscription and is available free of charge.
  2. If you buy zap Support Subscription Pro, this will include access to your own personal zapliance professional (consultant) to answer your questions.

Do you need support for the actual audit? No problem! You can reserve the services of a zapliance professional for this purpose.

4. Optional: Do you need any hardware for your zap Audit Project?

Do you have the technical capacity and functionalities for your zap audit?

We can help out if your hardware doesn’t satisfy minimum requirements or if your IT Department can’t make the necessary capacity available in time. The following zapliance hardware solutions are available for rental on a monthly basis:

  • a zapliance Notebook with 32GB RAM and 1TB of SSD hard disk
  • External 1 TB SSD hard disk