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zapliance Hardware

Performance and Flexibility

zapliance can supply hardware to support your zap Audit scenario

Minimum hardware requirements will vary according to data volume. Experience indicates that most clients will need a current 64 bit version of Windows with at least 32 GB RAM. If they prefer to use an external SSD, it will need a free capacity of at least 1 TB SSD and a USB 3.0 port.

If your hardware doesn’t meet this minimum specification, zapliance can rent you either a notebook with the necessary software installed or a separate SSD.


The notebook has the necessary power and the zapliance software already installed on it will enable you to make an immediate start.

On completion of your order we ship the notebook to the address specified by you.

External SSD Harddrive

Our customers have the option of renting a Solid State Drive (SSD). This will also have enough free space for most clients. Use of an SSD for your zap audit also yields some other advantages.

For example, it will come with zapliance already installed and capable of being started on any computer programmed with a current 64 bit Windows operating system and having at least one USB 3.0 port available.

The robust construction of SSD hard disks is another advantage, and they are also faster than conventional hard drives.

zap Audit Applications

The right hardware makes you more flexible

The following scenarios describe situations often found in practice.

1. The external Auditor


You are an external auditor or consultant and would like to use zap Audit for the next SAP process audit at one of your clients. But either your computer or the zapliance notebook is not directly integrated into the client’s network.


  1. Install zapliance on an external SSD.
  2. Connect the SSD to your client's computer / server.
  3. You can now start zapliance without having to install it on your client’s computer / server.
  4. Extract the zap Audit data. zapliance will encrypt all of your client’s data and save it to an encrypted database on the SSD.
  5. The extracted data can be processed on your client’s server or on your own computer. If these are not powerful enough, you can rent a zapliance Notebook. It’s your choice.


2. The internal Auditor - Proof of Concept


You are an internal auditor and want to be involved in digitization of your company’s audit system. The IT department offers you the chance to host zap Audit on a powerful server. But there are some internal political and administrative issues on setting up the server. These will have to be settled.


  1. Visit our homepage and put a zapliance notebook into the shopping cart.
  2. Run zap Audit and use the audit results to break down internal opposition.
  3. Reorganize server schedules to create space on the server for the next zap Audit project.

Use of a server will enable several auditors to work in parallel on different parts of the project.