zap Audit 2.5

What’s new in the update?

During the last few weeks and months here at zapliance we focused on one thing: Listening.

Times are interesting to say the least. We wanted to understand the challenges our customers are facing right now. We scheduled trainings, asked customers in feedback meetings and also had several 1-To-1 sessions, only to find out what their current pain points are and how zap Audit could help.

The result: We checked and improved over 20 indicators and focused, especially in these times, on quality and performance. A difficult challenge for some customers is the VAT changes in Germany. Good for consumers, extra work for our customers. We realized, understood and reacted with 2 new indicators, so our customers can now analyze if their incoming and outgoing invoices have a decreased VAT on it.

  • Quality/Performance
  • Indicator Updates
  • API

This is what’s new for you

  • 24 improved/updated indicators
  • 2 new indicators for VAT changes in Germany
  • Less ‘False Positives’
Change Log
  • Quality/Performance improvement
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Optimized processing of very large data sets
  • Extended data export including SAP tables
  • Improved User options and straight forward data extraction
  • Constant language option throughout the application
  • Extended notifications for project creation

Why zap Audit?

Comprehensive Audit

zap audit analyzes your SAP business processes using over 150 scientifically proven indicators, so that you have a 360° scan of your profit and loss analysis and balance sheet.

Automated Processing

zap Audit checks every single of your internal processes automatically – in a single click. Simply request the read rights for the SAP-USER and you are ready to go.

Easy-To-Use Application

zap Audit visualizes all results in simple and comprehensive dashboards, which are easy to understand even without specific SAP knowledge. The only thing left for you to do is take a look at the results.

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