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The solution: zap Audit

zap Audit report overview

A unique audit software for SAP

specially developed for SAP process auditing

zap Audit is designed for use by both external and internal auditors. The approach used in the SAP audit designed by zapliance yields process transparency and enables visualization of process mining items and auditors’ questions relating to these.

zap Audit automates auditing of SAP-related data and processes from point of extraction to delivery of zap Audit report.





Torsten Graune, Chief Audit Executive

zap Audit is a convincing system. 

The results are convincing.

We are better prepared for fieldwork.

We deliver transparency based on sound analytics and supported by good graphical presentation. 

zap Audit delivers better and more efficient audits with. 


More efficient use of audit time

Cuts time required for data analysis by 70%

zap Audit delivers the most significant SAP process findings at the press of a button. The unique SAP audit approach automates all auditing steps where this is possible; these include data extraction, process mining and the data-driven SAP process audit algorithms. This frees more time for the actual auditing.


High-End Analytics

Enhancement of audit results - which also include unique features

zap Audit process mining and process audit algorithms are cutting-edge technology. Users benefit from the practical and unique results delivered in the SAP audit of:

  • Purchase to Pay,
  • Order to Cash,
  • Accounting,
  • Fixed Asset,
  • User Access,
  • Segregation of Duties.
zap Audit process model

Collective Auditor Knowledge

benefits from accumulated data and experience

zap Audit contains more than 125 audit questions

zap Audit was developed by auditors for auditors. Our audit questions are indicators that are constantly reviewed and refined. New indicators developed by us for zap Audit clients are subsequently available to all of our clients free of charge.

Data security

Encryption and pseudonymization

Your data remain in your company. For additional security they are also encrypted. Personal data is automatically pseudonymized during data extraction prior to storage in the zapliance database. zapliance does not have access to your data.

Items and processes automated in zap Audit.

Data Extraction

Financial Process Mining

SAP Process Audit

zap Audit Report