zap Audit -
data analysis and audit of SAP

150+ Ready-to-go indicators

  • Works on every SAP worldwide
  • Effective reduction of false positives
  • Comprehensive description

Process Mining

  • Of all SAP processes that led to a posting
  • Including SAP FI, MM, SD and asset processes
  • Process models incl. our indicators
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Professional Judgement

  • Integrated audit methodology
  • Focusing on the essentials
  • Final audit report in 2019


  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Scientifically substantiated
  • More fun in auditing


100% Automation

  • Data extraction
  • Process Mining
  • Indicator audit

Privacy & Security

  • Integrated pseudonymization
  • Database encryption
  • Data never leaves the company

The most advanced SAP data analysis for

Auditors, compliance, accounting and specialist departments

zap Audit makes your work easier

  • No statistics knowledge necessary
  • Predefined audit procedure
  • Standardized results

Cost and time saving

  • No manual process mapping
  • No costs for consulting services
  • Effective reduction of false positives

Transparent pricing model

  • Free updates included
  • No additional costs
  • Workshops can be booked separately

Versatile process audit

  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Order-to-cash
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Access authorizations, incl. SoD, superuser and much more.

Unprecedented insights

  • Full audit of the dataset
  • Unique process visualization incl. compliance violations
  • Detailed insights into the processes

Your company - your data

  • Pseudonymization of personal data
  • Database encryption
  • All data remains in the company
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Dr. Wolfgang Burr, Head of Group Audit

With the help of zap Audit, our specialist auditors were able to start using SAP's 150 audit questions right away.

zap Audit is very simple to use and auditors don't need to have any specific know-how about the SAP data model or programming skills.

This means it is very readily adopted by both specialist auditors and those being audited themselves.



Get a first feel for your zap Audit project and analyze statistics around the data set.

Process house

A clear and uncomplicated representation of the critical processes in every data set.


Document findings directly in the software, or tag individual indicators / profiles / documents for later processing.


Export analysis results to Excel for further analyses and evaluations.


Perhaps there is a suspicion of fraud and you only want to see findings in relation to a certain context? No problem with the variable filter function.

Process visualization

Easily put questionable postings into context and identify conspicuous postings in no time at all.

User administration

Manage and work on various projects at the same time or work together with colleagues.


Easy switch between German and English in the software.

How does zap Audit work?

Once activated, projects can be reprocessed and activated at any time.
This allows you to decide when and how often the data should be analyzed within a year.

Automatic data download from your SAP system

zap Audit does not work on the SAP production system, but on a copy of the relevant data outside SAP. The required data is extracted from your SAP system into a separate zap Audit database. You do not need to carry out any installations in the SAP system for the data download. The operation of your SAP system is thus neither affected by the data download nor by SAP updates.

To get started, you need:

  • an SAP user with read access rights,
  • the SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) in the 64 bit version and
  • the connection data to your SAP system. However, if you have installed the SAP Logon Pad, the connection data can be determined automatically by zap Audit.

It doesn't get any less technically complex!

Within zap Audit, data analyses are organized in projects. The subject of a project is always a fiscal year for one legal entity (company code).

zap Audit then downloads the data exactly for the defined company code and fiscal year and pseudonymizes all personal data fully automatically before the data is written to zap Audit's own database. This is on your own hardware and we have no access to your data at any time.

Reconstruction of SAP processes

Before zap Audit starts checking business transactions, the Financial Process Mining algorithm first reconstructs all processes that led to a posting in accounting. This fully automated audit procedure by zap Audit reflects the conventional audit approach, in which the process is first collected and then the actual audit is started.

Our Financial Process Mining Algorithm has been researched at the University of Hamburg and developed to perfection since 2012. Unlike many other process mining methods, our algorithm works fully automatically and completely reconstructs all processes that have led to a posting in accounting.

However, not only are all your accounting documents taken into account in Process Mining, but also the following business transactions outside accounting:

  • Purchase requisitions (SAP MM)
  • Purchase orders (SAP MM)
  • Orders (SAP SD)
  • Deliveries (SAP SD)
  • Billing document in Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Change documents and
  • Master data changes (vendors, customers, assets).

In this step of the audit procedure, all process sequences are automatically reconstructed "end-to-end".

The sequence is the informational basis for a modern, risk-oriented process audit and thus an essential component for the digitization of the review.

Auditing of all processes and documents

After our Financial Process Mining algorithm has reconstructed the processes, the automated verification of all processes and documents by our indicators begins.

Indicators represent relevant auditing questions that we have concretized to such an extent, despite a high level of abstraction, that data auditing works in every SAP system worldwide.

Each indicator has exactly one audit objective and is assigned to a process and a process area and thus corresponds to the proven, process-oriented audit system.

Examples of the versatile indicators for checking purchasing processes, sales processes, asset accounting, financial accounting and access authorizations include:

  • Segregation of duty conflicts
  • Expenses to bank postings
  • Subsequently adjusted orders
  • Changes to bank details during the process
  • Discount losses

With zap Audit, the indications found are not juxtaposed incoherently, but are placed in a process-related context by the sequence. This identifies whether several indicators occur simultaneously in a process. False positives are also effectively reduced by exactly this correlation.

It is precisely this aspect that characterizes our audit methodology: thanks to several combined indicators, the most critical variants, documents, suppliers and customers can be identified quickly.

This is where your audit begins!

After the algorithms have done their work, the most exciting part of zap Audit begins - Professional Judgement.

Our indicators are designed to work on any SAP system in the world. The assessment of the indicator results (indications / findings) in the overall context of the audited company / unit is now the responsibility of the experienced auditor.

In this respect, zap Audit in no way supposes replacing the auditor by the machine!

The up-to-date data analysis guides the auditor through the essential findings, enriches them with the necessary information and enables the audit opinion to be finalized and documented in a user-friendly interface.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

In the first step of Professional Judgement, the auditor should familiarize himself with the data set and the automated results. The zap Audit Dashboard provides various graphics for this purpose:

  • Process house
  • Document statistics
  • User statistics

In the following, the audit with indicators starts.

The zap Audit audit methodology in Professional Judgement helps the auditor to become more of a professionally experienced moderator in the audit process and relieves him of having to perform extensive task of data analysis!

This leaves more time for auditing!

Integration of zap Audit results into your audit process

The zap Audit audit results are divided as follows:

  1. zap Audit indications as a result of fully automated data analysis
  2. Your opinion on the zap Audit indications resulting from Professional Judgment including your comments

Both results are prepared by zap Audit in the form of Excel exports and are available to you for further processing in your audit process.

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