zapliance release notes


Release Details (2.75.87)

The latest version of the beta has already reached a higher maturity level than our previous version of zapliance. Therefore, we have decided to take version 1.x offline and only offer version 2.x instead. The version is considered to be an Early Access version and remains in beta status until the official release in April.



Process house, new dashboard statistics and process integration

Faster excel export (incl. judgement comments and tags)

Enhanced usability throughout the entire app

Performance improvements

Several bug fixes


zapliance release

How to start with the new version:

  1. Download the newest version:
  2. Install zapliance in a new folder or update zapliance. For this please follow the instructions below.
  3. Start zapliance and press Ctrl + F5 to reset your browser cache.
  4. Create a new user and login.
  5. Create a new project and repeat data processing.

Update existing zapliance version

  1. Please ensure to shutdown the old zapliance version before continuing.
  2. We recommend not to update old installations (version 1.x). Choose a new folder for this.
  3. Update 2.x versions by choosing the existing installation folder of zapliance as target location during the installation process.
  4. Start zapliance and press Ctrl + F5 to reset your browser cache.
  5. Login or create a new user and login.
  6. Create a new project and
      1. Repeat data processing with an existing raw data set.
      2. Data sets processed before this version are not fully supported!
      3. You do need further SAP access priviledges if you update from version 2.71.14 or earlier.

Any other questions?