Audit preparation with zapliance in five simple steps:

  • 1. Audit preparation
  • 2. Download
  • 3. Installation
  • 4. Project launch
  • 5. Project activation
Alle notwendigen Unterlagen für zap Audit

1. Audit preparation

zapliance does not get by completely without preparatory measures. We have already reduced the measures to a minimum, so that essentially only the following preparations are necessary:

  • Users with appropriate reading rights
  • Downloading the SAP JCo Library from the SAP Marketplace
  • If necessary, a request for connection data to the SAP system

These instructions will prepare you fully and help you to carry out the preparatory measures.

zapliance can be installed and used either on a server or directly on your computer. However, the complexity of the data set results in different requirements for the IT infrastructure. In this document you can read everything about the necessary requirements for the IT infrastructure and further questions, such as the pseudonymization of personal data.

Table BKPF (document header for accounting) is the central table for Financial Accounting in SAP. Each posting that has led to a posting in Accounting is reflected in the BKPF as one line. For this reason, we use the number of lines in the BKPF table as an accrual for the free zap Free subscription. With these instructions you can quickly find out whether a project in zap Audit can be activated free of charge or not.

This guide contains all information worth knowing about the use of zap Audit - from basic terminology in the software to the starting of projects and the scoping of individual indicators. This enables the automated SAP audit with zap Audit to be carried out right away.

2. Download

Name updated Version Download
Download zapliance

3. Installation

The use of zapliance requires organizational and technical preparations which we have reduced to the absolute minimum. zapliance is installed on a local Windows computer or a server. An installation or the import of an ABAP into SAP is not necessary.

Detailed installation instructions can be found at the top of this page or here.

4. Project launch

Fantastic! You have successfully installed zapliance and can now start your zap Audit project.

The first time you start zapliance, you will be guided through the application.

After you have defined the company code and the fiscal year for your first project and entered the SAP connection data, zapliance starts the data extraction, the financial process mining, the indicator audit and the preparation of the results.

5. Project activation

Once the automated processing has been successfully completed, zapliance will prompt you to enter a response key.

In order to unlock your project, simply enter your Challenge Key from zapliance and click activate on the license page to generate a Response Key: