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zap Audit Report


1. Registration

Everything starts with the registration on our website. zapliance is a business application. Hence, you will be asked to register a

  • user account with your company-Email address and
  • a company account or to add an existing company account to your profile.


Once you are registered, you can download zapliance. 

Your registration is free of charge.


2. Download

After signing up, zapliance will be available for download in our webshop.

Downloading zapliance is free of charge.


3. Installation

Starting your zap Audit project requires organizational and technical preparations. For your convenience we have reduced them to the absolute minimum requirements.

zapliance is either installed on a windows computer / notebook or alternatively on a server. An installation in SAP is not necessary.

zapliance installation is free of charge.

SAP Connection

4. Project Start

Fantastic! You have successfully installed zapliance and now you can start your project.

Upon first starting zapliance, the zapliance wizard will show you around.

You then only need to define the company code and fiscal year in scope and the SAP connection details for zapliance to start the data extraction, the financial process mining and the indicator audit.

Starting any project is free of charge.

zap Audit process house
zap audit project activiation

5. Project Activation

In order to open the detailed zap Audit report and to start your professional judgement, you only have to activate the project in our webshop.

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