THAT'S US! Auditors. Scientists. Software Developers.

We are designing the future of the audit

Our team of auditors, software developers and scientists
generates a unique combination of synergies. Our
development process covers the complete value-added chain
from basic research to commercial viability.

We live applied research!

Alexander Rühle

Alexander Rühle

El Comandante &

Alex, or El Comandante, is the one responsible for steering the good ship zapliance towards digitization of the audit process. After 5 years spent with the BIG 4 and 5 years working on a self-employed basis in auditing, he has been CEO of zapliance since 2015.

Nick Gehrke

Prof. Dr. Nick Gehrke

Captain Future, Data Scientist &

Nick never knew what he wanted to become professionally and so he collected several unsuitable(?) qualifications. He became a professor out of sheer boredom. In order for data science, process mining and auditing to come together, he now hangs around at zapliance.

Frank Rump

Prof. Dr. Frank Rump

The Master when the going gets tough &

If algorithms calculate things in hours or days, then Frank does it in minutes. Not because he has invented a time machine or anything, but because he is a master when the going gets tough.

Markus Nüttgens

Prof. Dr. Markus Nüttgens

Master of Strategy &

Business models, entrepreneurship and general strategy development are his personal hobby-horse. As Professor of Business Information Systems at the University of Hamburg he supports zapliance with his unique know-how.

Stephan Tammen

Stephan Tammen

Backend Mastermind &
Senior Software Engineer

Stephan is a veteran of the development of zapliance and has been on board with us right from the very start. Nodding away with his headset on, he has deleted and rewritten a fair few lines of code in his time with us.

Marc Frerichs

Marc Frerichs

Head of Nothing is Impossible &
Senior Software Engineer

The black sheep of the flock?
- Not at all!
That couldn’t be – there’s no such thing! And that pretty much says everything there is to say about Marc. Our Portuguese developer is someone no company should be without!

Felix Höß

Felix Höß

Bughunter &
Audit Software Engineer

The friendly voice on the phone belongs to Felix. In addition to talking to our customers, he spends most of the rest of his time with his head delved deep into the source code of the application, developing new features and performing software quality assurance.

Dennis Jürgensen

Dennis Jürgensen

Lorem Ipsum in Marketing &
Digital Marketing Manager

His master thesis on compliance violations in process models can be found today in the process visualization of zap Audit. Today, it is Dennis who is at the heart of our digital marketing activities.

Christian Busch

Christian Busch

The man for dealing with the finer points &
Audit Research Manager

Christian started out with one of the BIG 4 and understands the craft of auditing from the ground up. He is a true all-rounder and also holds a top management position at E.ON.


Heiko Stein

Treasure hunt specialist &
Software Engineer

Heiko is the youngest member of the group and has written his master thesis on the topic of "Machine Learning Methods for the Recognition of Double Payments" while on placement with us. As such, he is playing a significant role in the development of zap Cash.

How it all began

Gaining experience at BIG4 companies
2009 timeline

Experience with the BIG4

At the beginning there was the experience in a BIG4 company.
Recurring manual activities in the audit of SAP quickly revealed the necessity of an automated solution that "only" has to read out data and relate it to audit-specific data. Unfortunately one was alone with such innovative thoughts in a BIG4 society on far corridor.

Research: Virtual Accounting Worlds

Universities as a suitable place for innovations.
In 2010, it was possible to win a research project funded by the BMBF for 3 years, because research also requires resources and means. The Financial Process Mining Algorithm was developed at the University of Hamburg (Prof. Dr. Markus Nüttgens) and is still in use today.

2010 timeline
Research at the University of Hamburg
Foundation of zapliance GmbH
2015 timeline

Foundation: zapliance GmbH

Bringing research results to market maturity.
After the project, the question arose as to whether it should remain purely academic, or whether the findings should be transferred to a higher degree of maturity. It was agreed that the digitization of the revision was relevant and interesting, and had potential.

Collective Audit Intelligence (CAI)

Conclusions based on past audits.
From 2016, the CAI innovation project was supported by a grant from the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB) as part of the PROFI innovation support programme (Programme for Innovation). The goal is a self-learning system that combines the knowledge of past audits into an artificial intelligence.

2016 timeline
Research on Artificial Intelligence
Outlook on automated analyses
future timeline

A glimpse into the future

The future of auditing will be decided in the tension field between automated analyses and the professional auditors interpreting them on the basis of their experience and professional knowledge. In the final analysis, the writing on the wall for the auditing profession reads: "Digitize or Die".

We are ready to go the way with you!

zapliance is applied research



The Nordakademie is a private university based in Hamburg and offering dual study courses.

Prof. Dr. Nick Gehrke, a tax accountant, provides support to zapliance with knowhow on auditing in general and data analytics and predictive analytics in particular.

Universität Hamburg Logo


The Virtual Accounting Worlds research project was carried out at the University of Hamburg.

HITeC e.V. and Prof. Dr. Markus Nüttgens from the University of Hamburg provide support to zapliance on research and development and arrange for incorporation of the research results in academic teaching.

Hochschule Emden Leer Logo


The University of Emden-Leer is a practice-oriented university in the North-West of Germany.

Prof. Dr. Frank Rump supports zapliance with knowhow on software and algorithm development.