Our vision

In a data-driven world it is Us Human Beings making the difference.

Who we are

We are auditors, scientists and developers who are convinced that today's auditing will not make it into the future.

Why we get up in the morning

We believe that Professionals will only make a difference if they are able to apply and communicate simple data science.

The way we work

We collect and make expert knowledge understandable for everyone.


We develop simple solutions that analyze SAP data fully automated and to the point.

We inspire and empower professionals in their work with data.


Our values

We at zapliance respect and care for each other. Our overall team goal is to empower professionals to create value based on data and our knowledge-based products. We work with passion and enjoy our work. The following statements serve as guidelines for our daily work.

How we prioritize:

Customer first.
Team second.
Ego third.

How we socialize:

Respect ideas.
Discuss solutions.

How we perform:


Our Team

Alexander Rühle

Alexander Rühle
CEO & Co-Founder

Nick Gehrke

Nick Gehrke
Head of Data Science & Co-Founder

Felix Greve

Felix Greve
Head of Products

Ivone Trommer

Ivone Trommer
Product Lead & Customer Enablement Manager

Dennis Ha

Dennis Ha
Customer Support Associate

Sophie Trommler

Sophie Trommler
Marketing und Social Media Manager

Christopher Dück

Christopher Dück

Linkh Grethe

Linh Grethe
Human Resources Manager

zapliance in Years


Experience with the BIG4

At the beginning there was the experience in a BIG4 company. Recurring manual activities in the audit of SAP quickly revealed the necessity of an automated solution that "only" has to read out data and relate it to audit-specific data. Unfortunately one was alone with such innovative thoughts in a BIG4 society on far corridor.


Research: Virtual Accounting Worlds (VAW)

Universities as a suitable place for innovations. In 2010, it was possible to win a research project funded by the BMBF for 3 years, because research also requires resources and means. The Financial Process Mining Algorithm was developed at the University of Hamburg and is still in use today.


Foundation: zapliance GmbH

Bringing research results to market maturity. After the project, the question arose as to whether it should remain purely academic, or whether the findings should be transferred to a higher degree of maturity. It was agreed that the digitization of the revision was relevant and interesting, and had potential.


Collective Audit Intelligence (CAI)

Conclusions based on past audits. From 2016, the CAI innovation project was supported by a grant from the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB) as part of the PROFI innovation support programme (Programme for Innovation). The goal is a self-learning system that combines the knowledge of past audits into an artificial intelligence.


zap Audit

The product zap Audit achieves sustainable market maturity. The digitalization of auditing now stands on a stable foundation.


Further development

zap Audit is being expanded more and more and is now helping auditors, internal auditors and specialist departments around the world to transform their SAP data into knowledge and improve their organization.


zap Cash

The product zap Cash for Cash Recovery Projects is born and our customers start to find cash in their SAP data. Data transforms to money.


Crisis as an opportunity

In a limited special offer on the Corona crisis, we are making zap Audit available free of charge.

zap Cash is being professionalized and equipped with intelligent methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With zap Data, individual analyses can be built on the data treasure of zap Audit.

A glimpse into the future

The future of auditing will be decided in the tension field between automated analyses and the professional auditors interpreting them on the basis of their experience and professional knowledge. In the final analysis, the writing on the wall for the auditing profession reads: "Digitize or Die".

We are ready to go the way with you!

Trainees' Food

In recent years we have successfully supported more than 40 students with our know-how in their projects and examinations.

For the texts of this website, zapliance was supported by the Hamburg-based copywriter Gregor Engel.