zap Audit 2.5

What’s new in the update?

We took your feedback to heart: the new software update focusses on quality and performance, improved indicators, a new API and 2 exciting new indicators!

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  • Quality/Performance
  • Indicator Updates
  • API

Discover the future of auditing!

We at zapliance are specialists in the analysis of business processes in SAP. And we believe there is still room for improvement. This is something we are working on every day with our team of scientists, auditors, and developers. This way, we are helping companies not just to automate and digitize their audit processes, but also to take their first steps towards the future of auditing.

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"We wouldn't have thought that zap Audit works automatically for us because we are so complex and have a heterogeneous system landscape - but it does!"

Dr. Wolfgang Burr, Head of Group Audit

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Our products

zap Audit Logo

zap Audit

zap Audit checks your SAP business processes against more than 150 carefully selected indicators - at the touch of a button. Not convinced yet? Let us show you why you should be!

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zap Cash

zap Cash helps you to find potentially identical postings in SAP that lead or have led to a double payment - quite simply thanks to innovative machine learning.

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Advantage automated process analysis

Automated processes

To make auditing even easier for you, we have developed algorithms that automatically check every process that led to a posting in SAP FI. This approach not only protects you from common mistakes- but also from wasting your time on less important details. And the best thing is: You will also save money.

unrivaled user-friendliness

Unrivaled user-friendliness

All our products have one thing in common: they deliver the right results at the push of a button. This makes auditing SAP business processes more straightforward than ever before - thanks to unique data science methods and intuitive user guidance.

future-oriented audit solutions

Future-oriented solutions

We are technological leaders in the field of automated analyses of SAP business processes. To keep it that way, we are continually developing our products - combining the best from the worlds of process mining and data analysis. Experience the intelligent solutions of tomorrow today - with our software, it's possible!

Customers in over 46 countries are already successfully working with our solutions.