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More efficient use of audit time.

zapliance has changed the auditing of SAP ERP processes. With state-of-the-art technology, algorithms for process mining and audit automation, plus interactive process visualization, zapliance enables the auditor to automate audit processes that normally have to be performed manually and to focus on key issues and on items enhancing audit quality.

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Cut audit duration by 70%
and get 100% better results.

zap Audit digitizes your audit by automating all the time-consuming steps of your SAP process audit.

You will enjoy the benefit of interactive process visualization of sap data extraction results and the findings deducible from these. zap Audit will guide you interactively to the key conclusions yielded by these findings. SAP auditing at its best.


Audit digitization

Audit professionals must keep pace with the ongoing digitization of their environment and develop their own strategies for handling this.

Digitization of business processes and internal control systems opens up new opportunities for audit automation and audit digitization. This leaves audit professionals free to focus on the key aspects of their work.

The shape of the audit of the future will be influenced by attitudes to the value of benefits offered by automated analyses as compared to professional judgment based on professional experience and knowledge of specific industrial and commercial sectors. Optimal use of both will enhance quality of intelligence gleaned from the audit.

The bottom line for audit professionals is “Digitize or die”.

Prof. Dr. Markus Nüttgens, Hamburg Research Center for Information Systems, University of Hamburg



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More efficient use of Audit Time

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